Aprils Project

A Custom Decorative Driveway Creation


Our April project comes to us from Hillsboro, Oregon. We have a client who is having a custom home built, and wanted a driveway to match. So he called us and we were more than happy to create something extra special.

The first step in creating a custom decorative driveway (or any  project really), is site preparation.

In order to get a truly amazing driveway, you have to completely clean and prep the area. This usually means a pressure wash and ensuring their are no cracks our foundation defects that can cause problems for you later on in the future. This is why you see power tools and grinders. We make sure there is a sooth surface for the application of the first coat, also known as the base coat.

This is a very important (probably thee most important) step in the whole process. If this is not done correctly, then nothing else really matters. If done improperly, you won’t have a clean, even look to your surface and your slurry coat and top coats won’t bind, resulting in a driveway that look awful and will probably need a whole new top coat in just a few months.

Again, we can’t stress enough how important this step of the process is. This picture also gives you a pretty good look at the whole worksite area. We are in fact, building a custom decorative driveway and garage floor.


This image gives you another angle of perspective. This shot was taken from the inside of the garage looking out, so you can see the two distinctly different materials we are working with here. The driveway is more of an aggregate type concrete finish, while the parking area inside the garage is your more traditional smooth finish type concrete slab.

This isn’t much of a problem for us, because our proprietary decorative coating system is designed to work on any surface.

The other beautiful aspect of our decorative concrete finishes is just how easy they are to clean and maintain.




These next two images show a great representation of the slurry coat. This is the part of the coating system that goes on right before you are ready to put on the top decorative coating. Notice and smooth the surface is and how uniformly the slurry coat has been applied. While it may look easy, getting a decorative concrete project “exactly” right, takes a lot of planning, hard work, and an extraordinary attention to detail. Even the smallest mistake can come back to haunt you later, so you need to make sure every step is done “exactly” right. It’s the only way you can guarantee and exceptional final result.

Here is the final product. While not as decorative as some of our other work, you can see the subtle variations in the concrete that give it a very distinctive look. You will also note that we were able to match the color of the decorative top coat to the same color as used on the home siding, adding an even more customized look to the homeowners drive way. Next month we will make sure to pick a project with a lot of decorative, detail work so you can get a better visual on just what amazing things you can accomplish with our custom decorative coatings.