Seven Deadly Sins OF Home Exterior Painting

You Simply Can’t Afford To Make These Mistakes…

Anyone of These Seven Deadly Sins Of Home Exterior Painting Will Cost You Time, Money and A Whole Lot of Aggravation.


When it comes to painting a home, there are a lot of ways less than reputable contractors can cut corners to pad profits. Watch for these 7 critical issues – failure to do so can result in a paint job that you hate, and that will cost you a whole lot of time, aggravation and money to fix.

  1. Using low grade, or less expensive Paint. This is the root of most problems. It’s pretty simple. When it comes to home remodeling (and painting) you are going to get EXACTLY what you pay for. This is probably the single biggest reason for early paint failure. In fact, this is usually the single biggest culprit of intercoat adhesion failure.

  2. Not taking the time to learn correct Brushing and Rolling Techniques. If you can’t cut a line, roll a surface or perform other common techniques like Spackling or Caulking, you need to back up and learn these before proceeding any further on ANY Painting job. Unfortunately, many companies ruthlessly cut labor costs by hiring cheap—and unskilled—day laborers.

  3. Using Masking Tape (and / or coverage) unnecessarily for brushing work. If you learn how to brush correctly (as well as how to Roll correctly) you will have practically no need to mask anything. However, many contractors like to make a “big show” of it because it allows them to pad their bill with extra labor and materials.

  4. Using cheap or improper Tools. It’s very common for a contractor to purchase the wrong tool for a job in order to save money. And consequently you will pay for it by getting poor results later.

  5. Doing the job in an incorrect order. Like most everything else, Painting has to be done with certain steps in a certain order, and if you don’t follow these procedures you are going to complicate the job, make mistakes and do an inferior job overall.

  6. Painting A Second Coat Too Soon. We admit it. When it comes to painting, most of us want things done ASAP. But applying that all-important second coat before the first layer dries will completely mess up the whole job. (Visible brush strokes, paint pulling off, etc.) Unfortunately, many contractors want to hurry up and get the job done.

  7. Over Applying Paint. To evenly distribute paint, rolling off the excess is key. The roller should be applied in a “W” shape across the wall. Then, you need to go back over with overlapping up and down strokes to spread the paint evenly across the wall. Again… many companies ruthlessly cut labor costs by hiring cheap—and unskilled—day laborers.