Why You May Not Need New Siding

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Most Home Owner’s Don’t Need New Siding…

They Just Need A New – Expertly Done – Home Exterior Paint Job.


At Titan Exteriors We NEVER Sell You Siding You Don’t Need.


Hi. My name is Tony Bennet and I have been in the home remodeling business for decades… and I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, how can the owner of a home exterior siding company be telling me that I don’t need new siding? The reason is simple – I care about my clients.

You see, after close to 30 years in this industry, I can tell you, unequivocally, that one of the most often abused sales tactics out there is convincing home owners that they need new siding. And I for one, categorically refuse to operate this way. In my experience, the truth is that in many instances homeowners (like yourself) don’t need new siding, you just need a new paint job. Now don’t get me wrong. Oregon weather is pretty brutal on home siding. So there will be times where a homeowner most definitely needs new siding. But at Titan Exteriors, we NEVER and I mean NEVER sell you siding you don’t need.

As I said, the weather here in Oregon is particularly harsh to siding. From ice cold winters to brutally hot summers, we get it all. And these weather extremes put a beating on your siding. This causes the caulking between your siding to fail prematurely as well as early color fade. So of course your siding starts to look horrible. As a result, many less than reputable contractors like to use this to their advantage and convince you that you need new siding. But looks can be deceiving. Just take a look at some of our before and after pictures in our gallery. A lot of those “before” pictures of home exteriors look so bad, that you could convince anyone they need new siding.

That is why you need a contractor you can trust. A contractor that is going to be straight forward and honest about the work you really need and the “real” cost to get it done right. Because the second most abused sales tactic out there is the “free estimate.” Don’t be fooled. An “estimate” isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. Far to many contractors use “low-ball estimates” to get you to sign a contract knowing full well they can pad their profits later. We simply refuse to operate in this manner.

At Titan Exteriors, we will ALWAYS be honest with you. We will NEVER lie, exaggerate, or over promise. And the price we quote is the price you pay (unless you make a change in writing.)

So please, give us a call. It will cost you nothing to get a second opinion! And at least you will know whether you really do need new siding, or if you just need a new paint job. 

So Call Titan Exteriors today… because at Titan Exteriors, we don’t just get it right – We get it EXACTLY right.  (503) 746-7648

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